Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tune Up Tourney

7-8-07: We held our first summer tournament, and with just over a dozen kids, we trial tested a double-elimination format for our upcoming Wii Open Tennis & DDR Tournament later this summer (probably Sept. 9). This will benefit the Redlands Rec dept. For this pre-tournament, we tested out the double elim format with Wii Tennis, Wii Boxing, and DDR. Check out the pictures and the eventually winners in this tune-up for the big tournament!

Claire (smaller girl in the foreground) had a wicked 2-handed backhand while playing against Rachel.

Samuel and Jake had long rallies during their 3-game Wii tennis match. Samuel eventually makes it to the final match.

Jake and Rachel duke it out on the Wii boxing. Jake eventually makes it to the final match.

Christian (left) made it all the way through the DDR rounds till he finally lost his first match to Sarah, who had dropped to the bottom bracket in an earlier round.

Since they had both lost once, they dueled a 2nd time on the song "Dive" on "Standard". It was very very close, and here, they are waiting for their final scores to see who the overall winner would be.

Moments after, Sarah is declared the overall DDR champ!

Samuel (left) and Michael (red hat) battle it out like Federer and Nadel in the final, 5-game tennis match.

With a rocket of an ace, Samuel captures our first Wii Tennis tourney and congratulates Michael on an excellent match.

Samuel poses with his "racquet" after caputering the XRGames Tennis title.

After his recent win on the grass courts, Samuel has to battle Jake in the semi-finals of the "Thrilla in Redlands". Alas, he is not able to carry his win over to this match as Jake comes out with arms flashing and too much fire power, propelling him to victory and the final match.

"Announcing the maaaaaain event, the final boxing match between Michael and Jake. Let's get ready to ruuummmmmble!" Staffer Mike announces in his best ringside voice.

Jake puts up a valiant fight, but after having just fought a hard battle in the previous match, he may have run out of gas.

Michael raises his arms in victory to win the XRGames Boxing match.

Great job to all of our participants, who will all automatically be entered into the Wii Open Tennis & DDR Tournament Sept. 9. Thanks also to our volunteers for the great job in running each of the events: Devin (DDR), Kevin (Tennis), and Danny & Gabriel (Boxing). Thanks also to staffer Vicky for bringing in her Wii.

The Sept. 9 Wii Open Tennis & DDR Tournament will benefit the Redlands Rec dept. so check our website for the registration form and enter today!

Monday, July 02, 2007

NBC clip on Seniors and Video Games

7-02-07: Check out the KNBC news clip on our home page, (Scroll down to the bottom).

Thanks to SB County's Erin Haugh and Paula de Silva for all their help!