Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Building updates

4-25-06: Here are some updated pictures from inside the Zone. The plumbing is being inspected today, after which they can close up the remaining exposed walls and things will really start to change fast. Keep checking this blog!

Once we pass inspection today, they'll continue to finish off the kitchen.

The bouldering wall has been painted and they'll start to put the panels.

The wall that will hold the Gamebikes on either side is starting to take shape. This is how it looked a few days ago.

Yesterday, they started to put the wood on the frames.

Here's how the wall looks from the offices. Gamebikes will be on either side, inside the curved part of the S-shape.

Watch for more changes!!!

First Staff Training

4-10-06: Michele Bell, of The Club & Spa Synergy Group, came down from San Francisco to conduct two days of training with our staff on sales and other things about running a club. She has a lot of experience working with health clubs of all sizes. Joel heard her speak at the recent IHRSA conference (the trade association for the health club industry) and was very impressed with her presentation and felt strongly that it would be worth our time and money to have her come speak to the rest of us. After sitting in on a couple of her sessions, I would have to agree!

Since our place wasn't done yet, we have to thank Steve and Sheila Hodgkin for letting us meet in their pool house. (It was very nice, fit for Wayne Gretzky himself!). This is some of our future staff, who made time in their busy schedules to attend this session.

Michele shares her wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthclub industry, and talks about how there is a new way to recruit members into a health club.

A group shot with Michele. Hopefully, the next time we see her, it'll be in our new employee staff room at the Zone!

The next day, before she had to return back to San Fran., we had a quick session with Joel, Kim, Darlene, and I. Then it was off to the airport for her late-afternoon flight back home.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New job? First furniture...

4-11-06: Newsflash! Did COO Joel get discouraged with the delays and get a new job at RiteAid? Sure looks like that on the surface, but in reality, he's just going beyond the call of duty! For at least 3 nights this week after RiteAid closes at 10 PM, Joel helps the plumbers move stock and remove hanging signs so they can get access through the ceiling to lay our pipes. They'll work through the night, and then Joel and some of us will come back in the AM before opening to move everything back.

Joel and plumber Ray (right) and his crew are bringing down these very flimsy signs.

Joel and Ray try to keep the sign together as they take it down.

The first pieces of furniture come into the smoothie bar and the check-in station at the front desk. You can see the new drain in the floor and tile down already.

Fred's crew working on the wall in the employee bathroom.

Gen. Contractor Fred relaxing after a long day at the Zone.

Keep up the great work, guys!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Visitors from the East

4-7-06: Friends of Dr. Steve Hodgkin were visiting from the Philippines. They wanted to check it out for themselves. Is this the first step in opening up a franchise in Manila? We hope so! Here is COO Joel explaining things to them, with Dr. Hodgkin looking on.

Sportwall is in!

4-8-07: Here is the finished game, ready for us to play. The flooring and ceiling, and a net to go around, will be installed later. If you're not sure how this game is played, check it out at www.sportwall.com.

Joel wanted to get a picture of me in here, so here I am hitting the top targets! Can't wait to play the real thing.

I know ya'll are going to love this game when we open!

Friday, April 07, 2006

First game installed!

4-6-06 Thursday was a big day--we saw the installation of our first game, the Sportwall! Here's the transformation of that space.

On the right end of the wall is where the Sportwall will go. This is what it looked like up to Tue. of this week.

By Wed. night (or early Thur. AM!), it had been painted red. GC Fred is doing some drywall work in the meantime.

Later on Thur. AM, the Sportwall is being installed! (I think the guy's name is Tim).

We're having a 2-panel set-up with a scoreboard in between. The targets light up at random on the board. You have to hit them when they light up. This can be used for a variety of applications--relay races, target practice (you can hit a tennis ball or throw a football at the lights, no problem!). For the various target practice games, we will have a net hanging from the ceiling and surrounding this area so that the balls aren't flying all over the place! We'll be receiving our training on it later this month We can't wait to start playing on it!

Building updates 4-7-06

Here are some shots from our building taken from this past week. We're still finishing up some plumbing issues, and once we get that, things will really fly. Inspite of those delays, things are already taking shape. Check out the pictures for some of the transformations!

Taken from the check-in desk...the multi-purpose room is in the back and all that stuff is in what is the DDR arena.

Here's the kitchen about a week ago.

Men's restroom area.

Women's restroom.

This is the area that will have some sofas for relaxing, reading, etc. It's right next to the toddler zone.

The toddler zone where they can safely play with a variety of toys, tumbling cushions, etc.

Don Singh (center), seen here talking to COO Joel (left) and our Gen. Contractor Fred (right), is our flooring contractor.

Don supervises one of his workers as he installs the tile around the floor drain in the smoothie bar.

XRtZ to Safe Place

4-1-06: Azure Hills Church held another Safe Place (church social) Saturday night. XRtainment Zone brought their games for all to play. A good time was had by all, as you can see from the pictures! A new thing we did was the Dash Challenge, similar to what we did at the cancer relay. Check out the pictures for the final results!

Go Donna go! Donna takes a run on the Dash.

Look at Dee dance away...fast feet!

Vice Principal/former PE teacher Datha shows us how it's done. She ended up winning the female category in one of the age categories!

Pastor Lamar entertains the kids while doing the Dash.

Cam is one of the top Dash players in the Inland Empire. Here he shows us how it's done, and in the process...

...gets the high score of 125! Of course, being part of the XRtZ "staff", he was ineligible for any of the prizes but he sure set the standard high! (His PR is a blistering 129!)

Jonothan Meyers (younger boy) and friend enjoy racing ATVs on the GameBikes.

PE teacher Mark "Markus" Perkins is schooled on the gamebike by his apprentice.

Claire Elias gets some help on the kid's bike from dad Dee. Go Claire!

Xavix Boxing was also a big hit.

Keala "Geocaching King" Tabura displays good pugilist form.

3rd degree black belt Caitlyn Terakina knows how to mix it up. Don't mess with her!

Cassie and Savannah rip it up on DDR.

Leilani boxes cartoons on the Eye Toy.