Friday, April 07, 2006

Building updates 4-7-06

Here are some shots from our building taken from this past week. We're still finishing up some plumbing issues, and once we get that, things will really fly. Inspite of those delays, things are already taking shape. Check out the pictures for some of the transformations!

Taken from the check-in desk...the multi-purpose room is in the back and all that stuff is in what is the DDR arena.

Here's the kitchen about a week ago.

Men's restroom area.

Women's restroom.

This is the area that will have some sofas for relaxing, reading, etc. It's right next to the toddler zone.

The toddler zone where they can safely play with a variety of toys, tumbling cushions, etc.

Don Singh (center), seen here talking to COO Joel (left) and our Gen. Contractor Fred (right), is our flooring contractor.

Don supervises one of his workers as he installs the tile around the floor drain in the smoothie bar.

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