Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First Staff Training

4-10-06: Michele Bell, of The Club & Spa Synergy Group, came down from San Francisco to conduct two days of training with our staff on sales and other things about running a club. She has a lot of experience working with health clubs of all sizes. Joel heard her speak at the recent IHRSA conference (the trade association for the health club industry) and was very impressed with her presentation and felt strongly that it would be worth our time and money to have her come speak to the rest of us. After sitting in on a couple of her sessions, I would have to agree!

Since our place wasn't done yet, we have to thank Steve and Sheila Hodgkin for letting us meet in their pool house. (It was very nice, fit for Wayne Gretzky himself!). This is some of our future staff, who made time in their busy schedules to attend this session.

Michele shares her wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthclub industry, and talks about how there is a new way to recruit members into a health club.

A group shot with Michele. Hopefully, the next time we see her, it'll be in our new employee staff room at the Zone!

The next day, before she had to return back to San Fran., we had a quick session with Joel, Kim, Darlene, and I. Then it was off to the airport for her late-afternoon flight back home.

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