Friday, April 07, 2006

XRtZ to Safe Place

4-1-06: Azure Hills Church held another Safe Place (church social) Saturday night. XRtainment Zone brought their games for all to play. A good time was had by all, as you can see from the pictures! A new thing we did was the Dash Challenge, similar to what we did at the cancer relay. Check out the pictures for the final results!

Go Donna go! Donna takes a run on the Dash.

Look at Dee dance feet!

Vice Principal/former PE teacher Datha shows us how it's done. She ended up winning the female category in one of the age categories!

Pastor Lamar entertains the kids while doing the Dash.

Cam is one of the top Dash players in the Inland Empire. Here he shows us how it's done, and in the process...

...gets the high score of 125! Of course, being part of the XRtZ "staff", he was ineligible for any of the prizes but he sure set the standard high! (His PR is a blistering 129!)

Jonothan Meyers (younger boy) and friend enjoy racing ATVs on the GameBikes.

PE teacher Mark "Markus" Perkins is schooled on the gamebike by his apprentice.

Claire Elias gets some help on the kid's bike from dad Dee. Go Claire!

Xavix Boxing was also a big hit.

Keala "Geocaching King" Tabura displays good pugilist form.

3rd degree black belt Caitlyn Terakina knows how to mix it up. Don't mess with her!

Cassie and Savannah rip it up on DDR.

Leilani boxes cartoons on the Eye Toy.

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