Friday, July 03, 2009

Azure Hills Church hosts Family Fit Zone for Grand Terrace

7-3-09: Last Tues was the first night of the Family Fit Zone class hosted by the Azure Hills Church as a outreach service to the Grand Terrace community. We had 5 families there, and about 3 or 4 more families to come next week.

Class #1 was our orientation and assessment session. We had a lot of excellent volunteers (thx to Pastor Alex for helping recruit from her class) who came out to help--a big THANKS to the following volunteers:

Jessica (one of our XRTZ staffers--she brought all the testing equipment!)
Long (a Master's nutrition student @ LLU who is also the lead teacher for Sunday's FFZ class)
Abbey (CSUSB intern)
Evelyn (recent LLU graduate in counseling)
Summer (a 4th year LLU med student)
Alina (a PTA)
Mike (a LLU DrPH-Prev Care student)

Joel is in charge of the exergaming room, while Long and will be teaching the class part.

Check out the pictures of Week 1!