Friday, August 24, 2007

Senior Health Fair & Open House

8-24-07 Today was the day seniors got a taste of health & wellness, the XRtainment Zone way! We hosted our first health fair and open house for seniors, and also introduced them to our soon-to-start Senior Group Exercise program. We not only had local seniors, but a group from Ontario came, so we were happy to have them there. Check out all the exciting things that happened today and if you were a senior and didn't make it, there's always next time!

A big thanks to XRtZ staffers Alicia and Jules for leading out in this event. And thanks to all the other staff who worked hard accomodating all the seniors. We also would like to thank our friends, volunteers, and local agencies who helped and brought their information to pass out. You'll see them in the pictures below.

I talked with many seniors afterwards, and they were all very thankful for this event and looked forward to more in the future!

Vanna, ya better watch out for XRtZ Staffer Mike here! He's doing a great job showing of the senior special!
Jules welcomes the first group of seniors as we get ready to let them in.
Our studio is converted into a health fair...
Lots of handouts on a wide variety of subjects, including some of the latest articles showing the benefits of exergaming video games for a senior's mental health! (Consumer Reports Health, Sept. 2007).
Local health agencies such as Agewise and Planned Parenthood were there. (Yes, Planned Parenthood! Believe it or not, STD education is a growing need among seniors, what with a disproportionate number of women to men in most senior communities).
Nurse Jon did blood glucose testing. (He also happens to be the fiance of Alicia! We appreciate him coming in on his day off.)
Another one of Alicia's former classmates from CSUSB ran the blood pressure station. We appreciated her help!
LLU Prev Care doctoral intern Ken helps with the body composition analysis station.
Thanks to Hands On Medical Massage School for sending someone out--they loved the free massages! A lady waits patiently for her turn.
COO Joel calls the name of the lucky winner in our first giveaway of the open house.
Alicia was busy taking height measurements and directing traffic while Ken measures another person.
Once done the health fair portion, it was time to play some games! Here Mike shows her how to play the Bubbles game on the Eye Toy.
XRtZ staffer Stephen monitors a lady playing Xavix's Jackie Chan Fitness Studio. She's running in place on the white pad, making Jackie Chan run through the streets of Hong Kong and stomping out ninjas!
XRtZ Personal Trainer Jules explains how to play on the 3-kick.
Mike shows some ladies how to get an isometric working while playing on the ExerStation.
A senior from Ontario tries to pedal his biplane fast enough to avoid crashing.
After crashing his plane, he gives the Wii Golf a try. Here he is helped by Jr. Staffers Jake and Josh (taller guy behind). Fore!!!
"Wow, you wash windows well on the Eye Toy!"!
Who says seniors can't do DDR? Here Stephen conducts a tutorial for 2 first-timers.
Doing a team reaction-hand-eye-coordination drill on the Makoto.
The Wii Bowling was a hit with these group of women!
Jules led them in a relay on the Sportwall. This got them huffing and puffing!
Playing a modified version of Red Light-Green Light on the bouldering wall. They were supposed to stop when Jules said, "Red light!" but the lady at the left end kept right on going up! We need a traffic camera for her it seems.
Jules, who is the personal trainer who will be leading out in the senior T & Th morning group exergaming program, explains how working out at the Zone will not only help them lose fat, but also help them build muscle, something that EVERY senior needs to be focusing on if they want to maintain (or improve) their quality of life.
While enjoying some refreshments, Dr. Knowlton explains more about the benefits of exergaming on reversing the aging process, both physically and mentally.
Several times throughout the morning, Jules led out in a group strength training exercise using these soft shapes.
"Come on people, squeeze that shape, and don't forget to keep breathing!"
Working on that core by passing the shape.
"Wow, these soft blocks are heavier than I thought...or am I just that out of shape and really need her group exercise program?! Where do I sign up!"
XRtZ staffer Alicia, the co-organizer of today's event, led out in the last part of the program--a cooking demonstration.

Doctoral intern Ken helps Alicia with the cooking demo.