Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Xavix Challenge at Cancer Relay for Life

3-28-06: Last Saturday night, Beaver Medical Group, under the leadership of Ellen Murray (HR), participated in the 24-hour Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. Ellen asked me if we could provide some extra excitement for our booth and I told her about how we could do the Jackie Chan Dash game as a fun activity during the walk for a couple of hours.

Xavix heartily supported this with a lot of swag and the grandprize, a Xavix Port and J-mat game (MSRP $170!). Because they offered so many cool gifts, we were able to give prizes to the best scores in 5 age categories for males and females. A big thanks to Xavix!

For a suggested donation of $1, challengers could take their turn playing Dash, a sprint to see how many steps one could get in 10 seconds. Some players paid quite a few $1 bills in order to try and improve their score or beat the top score.

According to Ellen, this event alone raised $120, plus helped get BMG's booth get "Best Campsite". Check out the pictures for another way XRtainment Zone helped out in this worthy cause!Bobby had the high score of 106 for most of the night...till the Ferguson brothers came along!

People also tried out Jackie Chan's Action Run, a 5-min. run through the streets of Hong Kong dodging and jumping over barriers and fighting ninjas. Thanks to CSUSB intern Darlene for helping out with this station.

Joel helped to encourage them on as they did their 10-sec. dash.

Darnell Ferguson break's Bobby's record with a 112!

The crowd went wild when Andre ties his brother with a 112 step score as well!

In the tie-breaker "dash off", Darnell bests his brother for the grand prize. Congrats to Darnell and all the rest of the contestants and winners in the Xavix Jackie Chan Dash Challenge!

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