Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Presentation week at healthcare conferences

3-5-06. For the first time, we had the opportunity to present the exertainment message to 2 groups in healthcare: The National Auxillary for Loma Linda Univ. School of Medicine and LLU's School of Public Health's annual meeting, Healthy People 2006. As the "exertainment evangelist", this was exciting for us to see the response to exertainment video games from the healthcare side of the fence. Fortunately, the response was very positive after both meetings! Many new contacts were made, and the message of exertainment is now spreading across the country, and even around the world to places like Puerto Rico and Egypt!

Here is Joel given his portion of our presentation on Sunday to the National Auxillary. We had 3 hours, and spent some of that time letting the audience try out the games we had set up there (Gamebikes, Eye Toy, and J-mats).

CalState San Bernardino intern Alicia encourages a participant in the Jackie Chan Dash, a sprint to see how many steps you can get in 10 seconds.

The lady's husband came by to pick her up after the meeting, and I heard her tell him that he would've loved this presentation and he should've stayed. She got him to try out the Dash. They are interested in getting these games in a wellness center they're putting together in FL as well, so we hope to be hearing from them soon.

These are the 3 participants who won a XRtainment Zone t-shirt for participating in front of the whole audience. Many were interested in where to buy, how to set up, etc. so we were busy answering those questions. Others were interested in working at the Zone, so we collected their business cards. And finally, others were interested in getting a franchise in their area, or investing in the company. I directed all those folks to COO Joel. ;-)

I didn't get any pictures of my presentation on 3/9/06 at the Health People conference (looks like any other health conference--powerpoint, laser pointer, people in the audience, etc.), but it was more stressful for me, since it was in front of my peers, former professors, other faculty, and visiting healthcare professionals. Oh, and the other speakers!

Thankfully, it went well, the video clip I made (on my iMac!) of different exertaiment games (including my dad playing the Eye Toy for the first time as part of his stroke rehab) played perfectly, and again, I had 3 people from the audience--grad student Denise Hinds (also an intern here at the clinic), a lady from the audience, and Brad, a speaker.

When I was finished, I spent the next hour talking to people about a variety of things-- getting exertainment games in their area, investing, doing further research, and working at the Zone.

With this main presentation done, I can now go and speak to other groups with slight modifications. If you know of anyone needing a speaker, let me know. I have my laptop and LCD projector, so I'm ready to spread the exertainment word to the masses!

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