Friday, April 07, 2006

First game installed!

4-6-06 Thursday was a big day--we saw the installation of our first game, the Sportwall! Here's the transformation of that space.

On the right end of the wall is where the Sportwall will go. This is what it looked like up to Tue. of this week.

By Wed. night (or early Thur. AM!), it had been painted red. GC Fred is doing some drywall work in the meantime.

Later on Thur. AM, the Sportwall is being installed! (I think the guy's name is Tim).

We're having a 2-panel set-up with a scoreboard in between. The targets light up at random on the board. You have to hit them when they light up. This can be used for a variety of applications--relay races, target practice (you can hit a tennis ball or throw a football at the lights, no problem!). For the various target practice games, we will have a net hanging from the ceiling and surrounding this area so that the balls aren't flying all over the place! We'll be receiving our training on it later this month We can't wait to start playing on it!

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