Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New job? First furniture...

4-11-06: Newsflash! Did COO Joel get discouraged with the delays and get a new job at RiteAid? Sure looks like that on the surface, but in reality, he's just going beyond the call of duty! For at least 3 nights this week after RiteAid closes at 10 PM, Joel helps the plumbers move stock and remove hanging signs so they can get access through the ceiling to lay our pipes. They'll work through the night, and then Joel and some of us will come back in the AM before opening to move everything back.

Joel and plumber Ray (right) and his crew are bringing down these very flimsy signs.

Joel and Ray try to keep the sign together as they take it down.

The first pieces of furniture come into the smoothie bar and the check-in station at the front desk. You can see the new drain in the floor and tile down already.

Fred's crew working on the wall in the employee bathroom.

Gen. Contractor Fred relaxing after a long day at the Zone.

Keep up the great work, guys!

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