Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Passed Food Tech certification!

5-2-06: A group of us (COO Joel, Joel's wife Judy, GM Dr. Knowlton & husband Corey, myself, and some of our current interns/future employees--Alicia and Jose H.) took a food service technician course and test this evening. This is required for anyone working with food prep and sales in a commercial setting, such as our smoothie bar in the Cool Zone. Since we will all be taking turns working at the smoothie bar, we all took the test to get certified!

It was an "open-note" test, so why are Corey and Kim looking at Judy's notes??? Actually, Corey and Judy both scored 100% (which means they get to spend the most time working the smoothie bar) while the rest of us passed as well (I missed 1--argh!!!). The teacher, Gerry Cox, said that he's tested 20,000 students in his career, and only 9 have failed, so our odds were pretty good that we'd pass.

We are now officially certified to wear our hair nets that Judy brought to the class to give out as our reward for passing!

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