Sunday, November 12, 2006

Interns at Teen Jam

11-12-06 Back a few weeks ago, two doctoral students from LLU helped us out by running a booth at the Teen Jam, a health fair for teens in San Bernardino, hosted by La Salle Medical and sponsored by IEHP. A BIG thanks to Tammy and Mara for taking care of this for us. Unfortunately, Tammy took ALL the pictures so she's not in any of them (against my instructions! LOL!). You'll see Mara doing all the work. ;-) They did a great job--a first for both them--and helped introduce exertainment to a lot of kids. Most are IEHP members, so they were sure to tell them about our new agreement with IEHP, starting in Jan. Way to go, Tammy and Mara!

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