Wednesday, September 19, 2007

DSHN plays!

9-14-07 Members of the DSHN (Desert Sierra Health Network) and nutritionists from the Riverside and SB County Public Health Depts. had a field trip to the Zone last Friday. This was over a year ago when they first visited the Zone...and it was still under construction! Most had not visited us since, so this was quite a change for them. And they actually got to PLAY!

So after a quick tour and talk on the programs and services we offer here (like our IEHP-supported Family Fit Zone program), I let them out to play. Check out the photos and if you're part of DSHN and missed this field trip, I'm sure we can schedule another one in the future! ;-)

Thanks to Pam and Melani (and whoever else helped!) for organizing this field trip!

Have you ever seen your colleagues act like little kids at a playground? Well now's your chance! Here they are, scampering all over the bouldering wall, trying to finish the green (easiest) route on it. As far as I know, only a couple of people were able to do that. Something about "long nails" prevented a lot of others from finishing it!

You knew Erin was a serious Wii bowler when she put on her headband to play (she's on a Wii bowling team. Seriously!).

Pam plays soccer on the Trazer. Here she has to go from side-to-side to block a score, and then lunge forward in order to "kick" the ball into the opposite net.

She's played this before, and wanted to race her jet ski on the Gamebike again!

She's tall, but she can kick high! I wouldn't mess with her in a dark alley!

DSHN member thinking: "Wow, she can kick my head off if she wanted to...."

The Makoto machine didn't have a chance when attacked by 3 DSHN members!

These DSHN members have got the beat!Some homeschoolers check out these ladies trying to play DDR.

Famous women's boxer Laila Ali better watch out for this DSHN member!

Run, Jackie (Chan, that is), run! For those who played the Xavix J-mat, you know why we use this game as one of our fitness assessment tools pre and post in our Famly Fit Zone class.

In the Eye Toy Zone, they see themselves in the game!

Once Pam figurd out you were supposed to crash into the cars for more points, she earned a silver medal!

Monica's fellow DSHNers cheer her on as she tries to make it through the most difficult section on the bouldering wall.Alas, it was not meant to least today.

Here's one of the 2 DSHN members who did make it past that hard spot on the wall, and is finishing up the 2nd hardest part of the wall, at the very end. The DSHN crowd goes wild when she completed the green course without touching the floor!

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donald duck said...

Thanks Ernie & Joel for hosting us! We had a blast!!

If you think that wall looks easy, try rounding that corner - and you better move quickly...

and then there was bowling, boxing, dancing, flying planes, jumping ATV's, and four-square on the sport wall (whew, what a fun workout). No need to drive anywhere else!

Definitely worth the trip, I can't wait to get back to XRTZ. Thanks again!