Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Zone Update 1-24-06

Greetings! Here are the some of the latest pictures of the Zone, some taken today! This marks our last week at Redland's Mall, and while it has been a great learning experience for us in many ways, we're glad we'll be done with that stint for it has taken a lot of hours to man that booth. With things picking up in the actual building, Joel will be free to meet with contractors, vendors, suppliers, etc. (Like he was doing this AM!)

Here are some snapshots (some taken with my Treo phone, so excuse the low res quality) so you can see where we are at so far! It's very exciting to see things taking shape.

Here's a shot of Fred Simental, our General Contractor, working on the front desk/smoothie bar island. This was taken last Friday.

Here's a shot as you walk in the front door. Straight ahead is the check-in end of the front desk. This was taken today, a few days after the previous picture.

Here's another shot of the check-in end of the front desk, from inside the play area. The front door is to the right of the picture.

Here's the smoothie bar end of the front desk. To the right of this will be the cafe zone, retail, toddler zone, and the offices and restrooms.

COO Joel explains something of importance to investor Sheila Hodgkin and her son, Alex. They're standing in the middle of the toddler zone (play area pen).

From the toddler zone and cafe zone, we are looking down the hallway where the administrative offices are to the left, and on the right, a storage room, a staff break room, and restrooms at the end of the hallway.

Here's the curved wall of the EyeToy Arena.

The curved structure on the left is the back wall of the MultiPurposeRoom where the kitchen will be. You can see the EyeToy Arena on the right.

General Contrator Fred Simental and our Architect Shan McNaughton, confer on some design changes. They're working hard for us and we greatly appreciate it. (Especially since Fred's grandaughter had a successful open heart surgery Tues. AM! PTL that everything went well and she's recovering nicely.)

Last night (1-24-06), Joel and I were on a local cable show called Reflections of Grace on Loma Linda Broadcast Network (www.LLBN.TV), hosted by Ganim (in the suit). We were able to talk about XRtainment Zone's mission of helping families improve their lives. General Manager Dr. Kim Knowlton was also there, but she and her praise team group from Azure Hills SDA church sang several numbers. Pictured at the far right end is Pastor Carmen Ibanez, the Family Pastor at Azure Hills Church. You can see the taped show on LLBN's website. Look for "Reflections of Grace" to see when it will be on next!

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more updates as XRtZ slowly takes shape! Exciting stuff!!! And to think that this was only "in my head" a year ago....miracles do happen!


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