Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Finished at mall & 3Kick arrives!

Wow, it's the end of January! On this last day of January, we had our first big piece of equipment come in. It's called 3Kick, a machine where you stand inside 3 towers, kicking and punching the pads as they light up and beep. We can't wait to be able to put it together! Mark Alexander, the founder/inventor of this product, and his sister drove from Utah to deliver this to us.

Here's Joel helping to bring in one of the 90 lb. towers.

Mark and one of our general contrator's workers carry part of the ring. We'll put it together once the flooring is in place.

Mark gives us instructions on assembly, types of games we can play, etc.

Joel points out the approximate location where we will be setting up the 3Kick.

Last Friday, Jan. 27, 2006, was our last time in the Redlands Mall. This is the room in the former pizza restaurant where we stored our stuff.

CSUSB Intern Darlene helps Joel take down our booth in the mall. Thanks to Darlene for the use of her pick-up as well!

After we were done packing it all up and bringing it to the XRtZ, we went out for gourmet pizza to celebrate another milestone reached and to thank our interns for helping us with this phase of the start-up. Denise (middle) is a doctoral intern from Loma Linda Univ. SPH in the preventive care program and Darlene is an intern from Calif. State Univ. of San Bernardino. They were both very helpful during our time at the mall! They learned how to play the games, troubleshoot problems, and help instruct people in playing of the games.

Here's Darlene with our 3rd intern, Alicia, also from CSUSB. We also know Alicia from Summer's dance school--she is Summer's jazz teacher! Alicia is great with the kids and has a lot of great ideas and energy.

A final toast to a successful mall run! It brought us a lot of exposure, gave us a place to work from since we can't get into our building yet, and it taught us a lot of things about the actual running of the games and hardware. We all learned a lot from this experience. And now, we're glad to be focusing on the real thing.

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Scott Oomen said...

Dr. Loida Medina is one of my favorite customers and she has shared many positive stories about the XRtainment Zone with me over the past few months. I must say its a great concept and it looks like its coming along very well. I wish you continued success and good luck for the future. God Bless!

By the way the Pizza looked good too!