Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Update!

Happy Valentine's Day to all! And not too long ago, we were celebrating our general contractor Fred Simental's birthday as well. We wished him a Happy B-day and many more.

As of Valentine's Day, the plumbing is our biggest issue right now. With no plans of the building, they are starting to core for the drains and finding some interesting things below (we're on top of Rite Aid and 24 Hr. Fitness). Joel is working with the other businesses as fast as possible so we can get everything else going once the plumbing is in place. Keep this in your prayers!

We've finalized on a computer network company to take care of that, and are finalizing on an AV company, hopefully this week. That way, they can come in and do their wiring before the drywall goes up.

Not much in way of pictures, since most of the work as been electrical and in the ceiling.

Until next time!

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Frank said...

Hi Ernie,

Thanks for the pics on the Xavix study.
I'll keep checking the blog when I have time, and email you when I find new things.