Friday, February 17, 2006

Angel: Our 1st subject!

The "real' testing got underway lastnight, 2-16-06, after my Family Fit class at BMG. Angel was our first subject to be tested. He was a real trooper, especially since he was in the Family Fit class and had played some there as well! (On Dash he hit a 94 even!)

Here are some pictures (taken with my Treo so forgive the quality) of this historic occassion!

Lead student investigator Andrea and her team of CSUSB students adjust the mask onto Angel.

For 10 minutes, we measure his resting metabolic rate while watching Shrek 2.

Angel does the "Advanced" level on Jackie Chan's Action Run, while surrounded by his college attendants.

A student holds the portable metabolic unit while Angel runs through the streets of Hong Kong, going around and jumping over barriers, and fighting off ninjas (he stomped over 74 ninjas in one game!).

While taking a break, Andrea checks to make sure the masks continues to have a good seal on his face.

With Angel's mom standing in the middle, Andrea downloads the data from the portable metabolic unit and shows her how many calories he burned and from what fuel sources.

Congrats to Angel for doing a great job as our first test subject!

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