Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Defending exergaming dissertation

5-24-07 Tammy Young, a DrPH student at Loma Linda Univ., successfully defended her dissertation on exergaming in an afterschool program.

The room was filled with teachers and fellow students, along with the 3 of us who were in her diss. committee.

After we, her committee, met in private, we soon congratulated her and said she had passed that "last" hurdle. (Not countingn her true last hurdle of getting her manuscript ready for binding and an article submitted for publication!) Here's a shot of Tammy's diss committee. From L - Helen Hopp-Marshak, Tammy, Kiti Frier, and myself (Ernie).

Congrats to Dr. Tammy Young (in just a few days!)! We look forward to more great exergaming things from her in the future!

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