Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sports-specific XRGaming Workouts

5-28-07: Julia (aka Jules) is our new personal trainer at the Zone. She has worked on putting together sports-specific (b-ball, v-ball, swimming, baseball, etc.) workout programs using our exergames. Since one of Redlands Swim Team's coaches, Coach Vicky, works for us at the Zone, she helped Jules put together a workout program for swimmers. (Soon, other students wanted to know how they could get in and how thety could change their lifestyle..

Here are two shots of Coach Vicky leading Summer (in black) and one of her best friends, Natalie, going through a couple of the exercises (Summer swims for RST under Coach Vicki).

You'll notice that they're using the Makoto and Sportwall in a way that probably wasn't thought about by by Makoto and Sportswall.

Stay tuned for more sports-specific XRGaming workouts with our personal trainer Jules!

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