Sunday, June 04, 2006

Conference Hopping!

6-4-06: Over the previous 2 weeks, I attended 2 conferences: one in Ontario, CA, and the other in Denver, CO. The American College of Lifestyle Medicine's annual meeting was held in Ontario, CA. It was a very good conference with a lot of big name speakers, all focused on lifestyle intervention. I was able to set up a little booth with other vendors to promote exertainment.

Here's one of the vendors (and good friend), Carolla, who runs "Hands On Medical Massage", trying out the j-mat. She really got into it and kept doing it till she beat another friend's score, Dr. Andy Ng's 81!

Here she is, triumphant at last with an 88!

One of the biggest names in behavior modification was there, Dr. Prochaska (Stages of Change model). He gave a very good review of his model.

On Memorial Day, we spent the day at a homeschool fair held in Ontario (see next entry). The Tues. right after Memorial Day Monday, I was on a plane to Denver for my 2nd conference, the annual meeting for the American College of Sports Medicine. My picture of the Surgeon General Carmona didn't come out, but the picture below is of Rachel, a grad student from Univ. of Minn. who is doing her research on DDR and bone health. There was one other speaker, Dr. McInnis, from Univ. of Mass. who is also doing a study on exertainment. Hopefully, we'll have even more presentations next year!

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