Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sign up front!

6-15-06: Making progress! Here's a few shots of what's going on. The biggee is our sign up front. Will have a shot of the finished thing tonight. Here they are working on putting it up. Looks great!

Justin Lui Wren (right end) and the Knowlton boys cool themselves off after playing on the Sportwall while his parents were signing him up as a charter member.

A shot of the ceiling which will soon be tiled back up very soon. They're just about done up there!

This area--the relaxing/reading area--was just getting ready to be painted.

The bottom part of the front desk (this is the smoothie bar end) was put on--looks really nice with the curve!

Don Singh, our flooring guy (and friend from church) is prepping the employee bathroom for drywall waterproofing.

They're applying the pink rubber paint to the drywall to make it waterproof.

Here's what the men's restroom looks like, all waterproofed and ready for painting.

The plumber working on the drinking fountain in the hallway to the restrooms.

Here's the crew working on the electrical boxes in the ceiling. Soon they'll be tiling everything up!

Rob the pro painter prepping the retail area of the Cool Zone. Probably is already painted by today.

COO Joel checking out his office and new desk set-up. Love all that real estate for laying stuff out while we work!

Just talked to Joel just now and he met with the health inspector and everything is looking good! So we keep passing key inspections as we drive towards that final inspeciation for occupancy. Yeah!!!

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