Sunday, June 04, 2006

Homeschool Fair on May 30

On Memorial Day, we were set up at this annual homeschool fair in Ontario, and we never had a let up of kids wanting to play our games (even if you had to exercise) from 9 AM till 4 PM. We'll be doing a special program for homschoolers so this was our first big marketing push to this specific population.

Here was our set-up, with great walk-thru traffic on the grass in front of us. Also had plenty of shade for those waiting to play.

CSUSB interns Kendall and April keep busy stuffing and sealing our mail. They did a great job with the kids as well!

CSUSB intern Alicia (standing behind clapping) was a big help as well.

The J-mat was a popular game, even though it was a virtual unknown. Several parents asked about how they could get one, it was that popular!

This boy gets some air on the Jackie Chan run through Hong Kong game.

Once we were able to set up the DDR pads (thx Cor for finding the cables!), kids were on it non-stop. There were some pretty good kids there, too.

The Cateye Gamebikes were also very popular, with a long line that didn't end till we unplugged the bikes!

Here was a character from Star Wars, racing on our bikes. All in all, a good day, spreading the word throughout the homeschool community!

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