Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sportwall training; visitors

6-06-06: On what is being billed as an "omen" of a day, our Zone was blessed with a surprise visit by the pastoral staff of Azure Hills Church (Grand Terrace, CA)! That can only mean good things. ;-) Below, you see the back of our general contractor, Fred (who is also a member of their church and the one who led out in it's renovation) while he's talking to the pastors. (CEO Ernie, COO Joel, GM Kim, and a number of our investors are also members of Azure Hills Church.) Starting from the left are: Senior Pastor John Brunt, Pastor Alex, Executive Pastor Alger, Pastor Carmen, and Pastor Lamar.

Before the pastors arrived, I gave a tour to about 20 SB County Public Health nutritionists. They seemed excited to learn more about the Zone and exertainment in general, and are all eager to come back and try out the games when we open. (I'm sorry I wasn't able to get a picture of this group--next time!)

As you can see, the front is finally covered with our new siding to give it a high-tech look. Soon our sign will be attached on top.

Later that evening after work, several of us rec'd training on our Sportwall. It has a lot of cool games and applications, and we can't wait to get the kids playing on it. Works very well with both individuals and groups, cardio and strength training workouts. (It's covered in plastic to protect it from the dust from construction.)

Below, COO Joel and Corey listen intently as Tim explains the inner workings of the Sportwall.

Corey races against Cam in a relay game.

Cassie and Jake battle in a game using noodles.

We played a lot more games as part of our training using balls, medicine balls, bean bags, and tennis balls. It's a lot of fun and the kids are going to love this station!

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