Friday, September 15, 2006

1st ever XRGames!

9-15-06 As part of our Grand Opening events, we held the first-ever XRGames! Between 1 PM and 5 PM, we featured contests at various games, keeping track of scores on the whiteboards. After which, highly coveted XRtainment Zone prizes were awarded to the top winners. Many kids really worked up a sweat repeating the games to improve their score or overtake a friend. Check out these serious competitors!

While not eligible for the prizes since he's a Junior Staff, Josh Knowlton gives it his best on the Makoto Challenge. We had it set at "Sudden Death - Accelerated, Level 2", which seemed to work well for this.

This participant keeps a close eye on the scoreboard as someone takes the Makoto challenge.

While kids won in various age groups, the overall top score was a tie at 75 between Robby Taylor and none other than moi, CEO Ernie! Since I was ineligible for a prize, we did not do a playoff. Here's Robby with his prize--a cool XRtZ water bottle! (Robby is also the brother-in-law if mine, but that did not factor into the tie--I was trying hard to beat his score! LOL!)

DDR, the most well-known of the exertaiment games, was a popular contest as well. We picked the song that everyone had to dance to. Here are two challengers battling away.

More kids taking the DDR challenge while the others look on.

Staff Alicia writes down the scores after each person was done.

The Junior Staff discuss the scores, wondering if they could beat it.

Gunnar and his mom battle it out on DDR.

Other games that were part of this 1st XRGames were....

the Sporwall...

Gamebike race...

and the Bouldering wall, where the kids chose a path and were timed on it.

After each event, Alicia and Casey called the kids around to award their prizes.

"I won! Yeah!!!!!'

(L-R) Sam, Gunnar, and Gunner's mom all won prizes in more than one event. Congrat to them all!

And so ends our first XRGames. There will be many more in the future. While the XRGames were going on, the counter top finally arrived and will be fully installed on Mon. Joel can be seen cleaning it up so at least it would be presentable for the rest of this weekend's events.

Joel made this poster of some of the quotes in various publications were we or exertaiment was featured. The word is getting out there!

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