Sunday, September 17, 2006

Day 3 Grand Opening: Dedication & MPower Zone

9-16-06 As part of our ongoing Grand Opening events, Saturday was a special day (as it always is for some of us!). We held a special dedication for the Zone and all those involved. After that, we had our first MPower Zone seminar, and finally, had a short open house.

COO Joel welcomes the attendees to our dedication service.

Pastor John Brunt, senior pastor at Azure Hills Church (Grand Terrace), gave the dedication homily entitled, "The House that God Built". It was very inspiring to all of us. Many of our staff and investors are members of his church, which made it extra special. A couple of our other associate pastors were there: Pastor Carmen and Pastor Alex. We appreciate their participation and attendance at this special event.

To end our dedication service, we closed with a special song by a premiere women's singing group, Fusion Sounds, led by our the Zone's GM, Dr. Kim (end at left).

After the dedication service, we transitioned to our MPower Zone seminar. This featured Nutrapoints creater and author, Dr. Roy Vartabedian. He developed this unique and innovative nutrition program while the director of the Cooper Wellness Live-in program in Dallas, TX. This program allows you to monitor and control both calories and nutritional quality.

He also talked about supplements, highlighting his favoriet, Juice Plus. Then he ended on a note about pediatric obesity.

After his talk, people lined up to purchase his books and have him sign them.

One of the Zone's charter members, Conchita, really enjoyed the program and learned a lot. Her daughter, charter member Natalie, tends to be a "selective" eater so using the Nutripoints and Juice Plus's fruit and vegetable gummies will help ensure she is getting the best possible diet. (Juice Plus will be available for sale in the Zone's retail section. Charter members get 10% off all retail purchases!)

After Dr. Roy's presentation, the Zone opened up for a short open house. Here Jr. Staff Cameron gets the high score on the Jackie Chan Dash. He is the current high score holder on the Dash with a 129 step count! (The Dash is a race to see how many steps you can get in 10 seconds.)

Because of the increasingly high visibility the Zone has been getting, we decided to hire a top notch security night watchman to guard the premises after hours. This particular guard claims to have extra ninjitsu training so don't mess with him! Here he is at his post, ninja senses at high alert. No one can get in or out without his knowing it.

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