Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ribbon Cutting! Day 1 of Grand Opening

9-14-06 Tonight was the first event in a series of events for our Grand Opening weekend. Had a great turnout, and we were fully staffed and keeping very busy. Had a chance to talk to a lot of potential members' parents, so this was good. Besides the ribbon cutting, we had an Open House as well.

Now you can really feel safe eating here. Look what we rec'd from a surprise health inspection last week!

KSGN, 89.7, is a Christian station that plays family-friendly music. They came out for a couple of hours and promoted us on the air. Here, one of our charter members, Sam, is picking up some of the free goodies they were giving away.

Amber (in white at right end-below) is in charge of KSGN's "Street Team", where they go out to various locations to promote the station at events such as this. Thanks KSGN for coming out to help us kick off our Grand Opening!

Speaking of kicking, Amber give the 3Kick a try. Look at that form and determination on her face! Don't mess with this girl!

A KSGN Street Team volunteer checks out the bouldering wall. Is this what they want to do when KSGN's GM causes the employees and volunteers to "climb the walls"? LOL! (Just kidding, Dawn! Hope you can make it out sometime in person.)

"Aw man, I can't believe it! They're open, it's free, and KSGN is out front!!! I gotta get in there!!!

Dr. Bryan Haddock is in charge of exercise physiology over at CS San Bernadino. He was the PI for our first XRtainment Video game study. He's already thinking about our next study. Here he is, testing out his ninja skills on the Makoto.

A new addition to the place are the dancers on the wall. The one who painted the whole place, also painted those up there just a couple of days ago. You can also see the new bench that is right in front of the window.

At 5:30 PM, it was time fo the ribbon cutting with those big scissors. They really cut, too! I didn't do my "speech" there, but here's what I would've said:

"The US Surgeon General Carmona said that the #1 threat to national security is pediatric obesity. Why? Because he knows how this epidemic, if left unchecked, will impact not only our healthcare system, but financial and medical systems as well. Sadly, the Institute of Medicine reported today that healthcare's solutions and interventions are doing a poor job in helping our obese kids, and that by 2010, 1 in 5 kids will be obese! I pray that XRtainment Zone, with it's out-of-the box approach, will help be one of the shining stars in the fight against pediatric obesity. Thanks for being here today!" (Thanks to Dr. Thomas "R" Makowski, who took the ribbon cutting pictures for us. Not only is he an accomplished photographer, he is one of Beaver Medical Group's top cardiologists.)

Some Redlands Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors enjoy the food after the ribbon cutting.

After our ribbon cutting ceremony, COO Joel poses with Dr. Sue Gengler, of IEHP (an insurance plan), and Willie Stewart (Director of Possabilities program). Dr. Gengler was the key person at IEHP that worked with us in putting together a proposal for IEHP to subsidize our 7-wk Family Fit Zone program and up to 4-months of membership for their pediatric members that they cover. After waiting all summer, we just received word from the Dept. of Health Services up in Sacramento that the proposal was approved!!! We are all excited about that. Thanks Sue! (We were classmates during grad school and she used to harass me all the time in class while I was trying to pay attention to the professor. (Or was it the other way around? Hmmm... It's a wonder I passed! LOL!)

In addition, we are a sponsor of Team Possabilities. Possabiliites is a program for disabled/challenged athletes. Willie wants to work on some classes and programs for their disabled athletes to come to the Zone to workout and play. BTW, Willie, who is missing his left arm (construction accident), is a very famous challenged triathlete, often winning his division in both on-road tris and off-road XTerra tris. He is an Ironman triathlete, and is training to go to the Hawaiin Ironman again (thats where they swim 2.4 miles in the ocean, bicycle for 112 miles, and then run a full marathon (26.2 miles), all in one day!

For this first Open House of the Grand Opening, the staff prepared some healthy finger foods for everyone to enjoy. Charter member Conchita Portilla (middle, in maroon) and a visitor enjoy the food.

Junior Staff Cassie helps to serve samples of our smoothies to our guests. Here, charter member Holly Elias can't believe that she doesn't have to pay for the free sample!

Here are some shots of various business people that were invited to attend. On the left is Molly and her husband, of Red Fusion, which hosts our website. On the right end is Janine Perry, of Perry Designs, our marketing firm.

Here is the other half of the Perry Designs marketing team, Angelique. They've done a great job in helping us with our various marketing needs as we were starting up.

Joel explains something of great importance to another one of the top docs from Beaver Medical Group, Dr. Greg Jones. He also happens to be my (Ernie's) primay care physician. Not only is he one of BMG's top docs, he's also an animal mtn. biker as well.

Of course, the best part of the Open House is the FREE admittance! Here are some shots of both adults and kids enjoying the games and getting a workout to boot!

GM Dr. Kim and oldest son, Josh (who is the first person to finish ALL the missions on the F-14 game on the Kilowatt), pose with some nice flowers sent to us by Michele Bell, of Club Syneregy, our health club consultants who have shared with us their expertise in this field. Thanks Michele!

So ends our first day of the Grand Opening. Stay tuned for more!

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