Sunday, September 17, 2006

Final Day of Grand Opening!

9-17-06 Sunday was the final day of our Grand Opening that started back on Thursday. And what a day it was! We counted 186 registration cards filled out--which represented mostly *families* and some individuals who filled that out. That puts an estimated number of visitors today at around 300+ people!!! In our health fair alone, which ran from 2-5 PM, we had about 130 people go through. So all in all, it was a very busy day for the staff of XRtainment Zone (as you will see!).

Greeting people outside was KOLA 99.1, doing a live on-site broadcast. Not only did they run several different spots throughout the preceding week about our Grand Opening, they also passed out flyers for us at Route 66 yesterday! Thanks KOLA!

Judy "SJ" Peterson (wife of COO Joel) manned the welcome/check-in table, and as those who met and know her, she has the energy for that job! She greeted, passed things out, and got them to fill out the check-in card for free drawings and prizes.

With this many people coming through today, all the games were in full use.

Today was the last day to sign up as a charter member. Based on some prelim. figures, we had 14 more members sign up today! Here is COO Joel answering questions of a potential member.

We had a lot of special visitors and friends check us out. Coach Jamie (RST) tries out the reaction game on Xavix and agreed that this would be good to help swimmers on their starts. Here he is getting ready to jump... And there he goes!

One of our equipment vendors reps, Cindy, from Sportwall, drove all the way out from Santa Barbara last night to make it to today's Grand Opening. Here we get a picture with Cindy and another associate from Sportwall, who spotted a cracked target and said they would send one to us first thing this week. What great customer service!

We also held a Pilates demo, led by Dulce.

All our Junior Staff were on hand to help others with the games. Here Cassie and Chloe help to put up a hula hoop back on the bouldering wall.

The health fair saw a steady stream of people going through the following stations. Charter Member Crystal invited and greeted visitors to step in and come through the health fair.The first stop was the BP station, manned by Charter Member Maria. Some almost fainted at this, including this Canadian Olympic team archer! That was followed by the Sit-n-Reach station, manned by Mike, a physical therapist. Next was the Grip Strength station, manned by PE teacher and Charter Member Marcus. He took turns with his fellow Canadian bud, Rob, who by weekday does root canals.Next was the Body Comp station, where Sandy ran the body fat machine

and Charter Member Linda did waist/hip measurements.After body comp, visitors visited the Blood Sugar testing center, manned by two highly qualififed nurses, Dr. Keri Medina, DNSc (assoc. prof. at Loma Linda Univ. School of Nursing and wife of CEO Ernie) and Charter Member Conchita, a nurse practitioner at Arrowhead Regional. (Thanks to Charter Member David Clark, of Roche, for donating most of the supplies, including the meters.) As you can see, they did a fine job putting people at ease and controlling the wild onesThis visitor, Margaret, screams in agony because she's worried that her right hand will be injured. She uses it to pull back a bow string on her bow--she's training to be on the Canadian Olympic Archery team for 2008!Young kids, as well as "more seasoned" kids,
had their blood tested. To relieve them of the stress of getting stuck, the next stop was a free massage, compliments of International Skin and Body Care (located on Cajon, right across from Beaver Medical Group).The final stop was a Consult station, where results were interpreted and recommendations were made. Here is Dr. Olivia Moses counseling someonealong with MS Nutrition intern, John.All in all, a great job done by our volunteers to handle 130 people in 3 hours!!!

After 10+ hours of running the Open House, you can see the effect on the staff at the close of our Grand Opening weekend. I couldn't decide which picture best portrayed how we all felt, so I've included them both. (Not pictured is staff member Austin).

Great job to our staff and families for surviving this Grand Opening blitz! And welcome to all of our Charter Membership, which should number around 125 or so. Now as our kitchen gets finished, we'll soon shift into our next phase of starting up and running the various classes we said we would do. Let's get going!

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