Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another Sunday at the Zone!

10-22-06 Just reporting some interesting things that happened today at the Zone, besides the 3 b-day parties today.

Javan tests out our demo Gamecycle, a handbike attached to a Nintendo Gamecube. This is designed for those who can't use their legs but want a fun workout while playing video games.

My dad, Ernie Sr., gives the Gamecycle is all! (He's here for a special PT rehab for stroke patients.)

One of our non-b-day visitors happened to be one of our Beaver Medical Group docs, Dr. Rae, with her kids. Here she is trying out the DDR with her hands full!

As we were closing, one mom plays ATV tag with her 3 daughters, all charter members. They seemed to enjoy beating up on her!

So ends another Sunday at the Zone!

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