Friday, October 06, 2006

Cleanse those toxins out!

10-5-06 Last night, we hosted the first Isagenix meeting in our room. They have a unique product that focuses on cleansing the toxins from our cellular material (this isn't colon cleansing). We had a packed house and a very informative meeting last night. We also sold the Isalean meal replacement shake at our smoothie bar for those who wanted to try it out (the chocolate is my favorite).

It was a full room last night! Kris and Craig Horton, along with Loren Middag, led out in the meeting. Thanks to the Sabangans for lending us their chairs while we wait for our ordered chairs.

Loren Middag, a PT, personal trainer, and top ranked body builder, gave a very informative talk on the need for cleansing in this day and age of toxins in just about everything we eat, drink, or breathe in. It has inspired me to get back on track and re-start my own cleansing program! I've also had patients who have had dramatic improvements once they've cleansed.

Meetings are being held weekly this month (Oct) on Thursdays 7:15 PM and starting in Nov., will switch to Wed. 7:15 PM. Everyone is welcome--just let them know Dr. Medina recommended you to attend. It's free!

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