Thursday, October 12, 2006

At the Loma Linda Fair

10-8-06 The Loma Linda Academy hosted the Loma Linda Fair last Sunday, and we were asked to have a booth there to display our games and help raise funds for Cassie's 3rd class and Cam's 6th grade class.

Here's the front of our booth on a fine sunny day!

Doug Herman, the former principal at LLA, gave the Xavis Jackie Chan a try. Look at him go! They paid a$1 and got 2 tries. Some kids kept coming back to improve their score!

For $.50, you could race on the gamebikes.The girl here, Holly, kept doing the Dash over and over because someone bested her score and she kept trying to regain her top ranking!

Here's one of our student winners in the Xavix Jackie Chan Dash. He won this cool t-shirt and a day pass to the Zone!

Here's our oldest winner, Verne, from the 50+ category in the Dash. You can see his score on the whiteboard to his right.

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