Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Games for Health conference

10-3-06 Last week, I flew out early Wed. AM across the country to Baltimore to speak at the Games for Health Conference, held at the Univ. of Maryland's School of Medicine. I was speaking on Thurs. AM on exertainment/exergaming, and then returning to CA that afternoon for a camping trip I was helping to lead out in that weekend. After my talk, I was able to meet with a lot of interested people, and to also hang out in the exergaming room where some of the vendors were. It was a great place to network with other researchers and game designers for possible future collaboration.

Here is Andy Glass, CEO of Trazer, explaining the Trazer to Patty Mabry, from the National Institute of Health. He gave me some tips on our soon-to-arrive Trazer unit.

Powergrid's founder, Greg Merril (standing) explains the home version of the Exer-station to David Crosthwaite, of QMotions. They were also so kind to give us a copy of the Xbox's Fusion Frenzy game to use at the Zone. Thanks Greg!

Finally, here's David again from Qmotions, demonstrating their newest hardware. Hopefully, we'll be getting one to demo soon.

Overall, a short but good networking opp. to meet with others in this growing field. Next month--Denver to speak at the American Acad. of Famly Physician's meeting.

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