Thursday, February 15, 2007

2007 off to a great start!

2-15-07 Finally updating our blog here in the new year. A lot has been happening behind the scenes with new classes and programs at the Zone. Check out our Jan. and Feb. '07 newsletters for all the latest at and click on "newsletters" at the bottom.

One of our biggest news in January was the start of our Family Fit Zone class and collaboration with Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP). IEHP is paying for eligible members to attend our 7-week Family Fit Zone class and up to 4 months of membership after the class is finished. Then we can continue following them and working out with them. Here's a shot of me teaching the first class.

We also had some new staff starting. These are students from U of R and we're glad to have the extra help! Welcome Tori, Heather, Stephen, and Conner!

In February I went to a pediatric obesity conference and besides networking with a lot of folks in healthcare and government, I was able to meet some celebs who are doing a lot of good things for kid's health. Jake (of Body by Jake fame) is the current chairman of the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness here in CA, so I got to meet him and tell him about the Zone. I was also introduced to his exec. dir., who I also got to fill in on some ideas.

The other celeb was Allen Rossum, who has an org. of pro athletes who do things for kids. Allen is a returner on the Atlanta Falcons, and one of the most feared punt returners in the game. He was a very nice guy and said that he got all messed up on DDR!

Also this month, Tammy, a doctoral student from Loma Linda Univ., has started her dissertation research on an afterschool program utilizing exergames. Here she is setting up the room.
Here's she's explaining to a teacher how the Xavix j-mat works.

We host many parties and events here. One that was special to myself (Ernie) and Kim (Dr. Knowlton) was hosting our alma mater, Andrews University's, alumni gathering at the Zone. Here is President Andreason talking with an alumnus and Tami Condon, the Alumni Director (in black t-shirt).

Here's VP David Faehner talking with some alumni.

After a yummy meal of gourmet pizza, salad, and other goodies (here being served by alum Corey), Prez Andreason gave an update on AU, including a detailed report on the dairy.

It wasn't all meeting, the alumni got to try out our delicious smoothies, compliments of the Alumni Assoc. and try out the games.

Finally, most recently last Sunday (Feb. 11), our youngest sister, Lesley Taylor, had her baby shower at the Zone. She lives in Phoenix, and had friends from all over the country come in just for her. Here's Matt, bowing after contesting in the 3kick.

See if you can name all the people Lesley grew up in Berrien Springs with in this picture. The middle guy is a toughie!

We got to meet "Dan the Man" and his sister Sabrina, our brother-in-law Robbie's niece and nephew. The last time these 3 were together was at Lesley and Rob's wedding, back 5 or so years ago. They've grown!

Some other news: we'll be starting more Family Fit Zone tracks, and a Spanish version of it as well. We're also getting ready to start up 2 tracks for our Homeschool Zone, a 12-week nutrition and exercise program, complete with Fitnessgram testing. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!


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