Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Family Fit Zone update

2-18-07 Here's an update from our Family Fit Zone class. This shows the kids (and moms!) doing their "XRGaming Rx" after which, they can do free play the rest of the time. They keep track of their scores for their various exergame stations in their Rx. We're hoping to see an improvement in their scores over the 7 weeks, indicating an increase in their fitness.

Mom watches her daughter as she does a high kick on the 3Kick.

This mom's getting busy on "Raven" in Xavix Power Boxing.

She's approaching a squashed hula hoop obstacle, which she made it through ok!

Another mom keeping an eye on her daughter doing the Makoto.

She's jumping hard (see hair) playing the Trazer.

Mom and daughter play dance on the DDR.

Our only guy, Christian, jumping over the obstacles in the Xavix Jackie Chan run.

Nice lunge, Makoto Warrior!

Competing against each other on the sportwall.

At the end of the session, we held a little competition on the Sportwall between the moms and the kids. The kids really got excited about the chance to beat their moms. You can see they were all getting into it.

The competition was fierce, with the moms taking the first two rounds. The kids had to do 10 jumping jacks each time they were defeated. Then they would request a re-match!

Could the kids pull off an upset? Here, in the last round, you can see the last 4 seconds, with the kids holding a very slight lead. Would it hold?

Hehehehe, the moms are doing the jumping jacks, much to the delight of the kids!

And so ends another fun class at the Family Fit Zone program. Next week, you'll see some of the activities we do inside the classroom!


Anonymous said...

can't see the pics

Dr. Ernie "Exertainment Evanglist" Medina, Jr. said...

Sorry about that...somehow, they got deleted so I just put them back in. Hope you see them now!