Wednesday, February 21, 2007

First presentation of 2007

2-20-07 This was a sharing forum organized by the Desert Sierra Health Network (DSHN), part of the SB County Public Health Dept. and sponsored by the 5-a-day program. This forum focused on healthcare workers, public health, school nurses, RDs, PE teachers, and those working with kids and health. This was the first of several speaking engagements that I have (March, I'll be speaking in Baltimre and in April, speaking in Atlanta, so stay tuned!)

My topic was on the use of BMI for screening kids, other forms of body composition, and local resources (such as the XRtZ) for helping fight pediatric obesity.

There were close to 200 people at this forum which heard from various speakers throughout the day.

XRtZ also had a booth space there where we set up a video clip of the Zone and our My 13 news clip running and another TV for a Xavix Dash competition.

During the breaks and over the lunch period, various attendees tried to be one of the top scorers on the Dash. Some, like uber-triathlete (i.e. super competitive) Andrea tried it several times, trying to increase her score each time. She got up to her PR of 95 by the end of the day, good enough for 4th place.

It didn't matter if they were all dressed up--they gave the Dash a try!

One of our vendors, Sportwall, had a booth there as well. Run by Cindy, she invited people to try out DDR, many who were doing it for the first time. Then XRtZ Junior Staffer, Jake "the DDR Great" Knowlton showed up and wowed the crowd with his amazing footwork on standard.

Some of the last contendors of the day. From this young group of friends, the eventual winner would emerge.

Dr. Knowlton helped answer questions and run the Dash, which was a big help while I was getting ready for my talk.

Attendee Darryl, with his score of 108 (pointing to his score on the TV screen), was the high score among attendees (Jake got a 112, and I got a 117, but we didn't count! LOL!) and chose a cool XRtZ t-shirt for his prize.

Overall, it was a great start to the presentation circuit and we made a lot of excellent contacts there, and now more people know all about XRtainment Zone as a key resource in famil wellness in our local area.

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