Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Future Chefs in Family Fit Zone Class #6!

2-25-07: Class #6 was about modifying recipes. This allowed the kids to get their hands into the food and we created a healthy recipe that was modified from the original. Earlier that day, I made the original banana bread recipe, along with a very healthy version. In the class, we made a healthy version with the addition of Splenda Brown Sugar.

That's whole grain flour he's holding there.

Thanks to Dr. Olivia Moses for taking these pictures.

Adding the applesauce instead of the oil!

While the kids and parents were doing their exergaming workout, Dr. Moses cut up the finished banana breads, all 3 versions.

Zone Staffers Ricardo and Kelly (back to camera) sets up Version C Banana Bread for the families to taste.

Hmmmm, the kids try out all 3 versions. Which did they prefer?

Table A had the totally healthy version--no sugar, whole grain flour, egg whites, no oil = .4 g. of fat and very low kcal. For those of us used to that, we prefered it. Table B had the original recipe, which was almost 9 g. of fat per serving. Table C was modified just like "A" with the addition of the splenda. As you can guess, many liked the original, but most also said that the splenda version was good, too. Not too many preferred the ultra-healthy one except Ricardo and I!

For our exergaming challenge, we did a 5-min. relay on the 3kick, with contestants doing 30-second bouts each and then changing out. Here the moms went first to set the bar.

The kids were watching closely as the moms set a high score of 840 points in 5 mins. Could the kids beat that?

The kids were motivated, cheering their teammates on.

Look at her move--a blur of speed!

Like a well-oiled NASCAR pit crew, the kids changed teammates efficiently.

With the clock widing down, the kids cheered on the last boy.

The results? Moms = 840; Kids = 800! Guess who had to do 10 jumping jacks...again!

And so ended another fun Family Fit Zone class at the XRtainment Zone.

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