Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another Open House!

8-16-06: Another successful Open House tonight! This one was specifically for healthcare professionals (docs, NPs) and public health nutritionists. They also brought their kids so they could try out all the games and give their parents feedback. We wanted our local healthcare folks to experience exertainment firsthand so when they're talking to that parent with a child who needs to exercise or learn how to eat right, they'll think of XRtainment Zone as the place to refer them too!

GM Dr. Knowlton was there to welcome our invited guests with a packet of information about our services. Included in that packet was a prescription pad for the doc to give his patients on the various services available to them. (They also get a 15% discount if they bring in that prescription!)

Corey explains things to Dr. Phillips and his son while the grandkids play on the Xavix games.

Family members crash and burn on the car racing game.

Mom isn't quite brave enough to try the DDR on the real pad with her daughter.

Dr. Dixon (peds, Beaver Medical Group) gives it her best shot on the Jackie Chan run while Dr. Klein (neurology, BMG) looks on.

Corey gives a tour and explains the Makoto here.

Having heard Corey's instruction, Angie feels that by closing her eyes she can be more in tune with "the force", resulting in a higher score.

SB Sun reporter Matthew (right) and a photographer were out doing interviews and taking pictures. Watch for it in next Friday's newspaper.

"Watch out kids! Big kid coming through!".

Dr. Sue Gengler, of IEHP, gives the wall a try. She started out on the green route (easiest) but quickly started grabbing any color.

The Xavix station was busy most of the night.

Joel explains how the dome speakers work overhead to some prospective members.

And so ends our first week of officially being open for business.

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