Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lights! Camera! Action!

8-7-06 While waiting for the one last check-off on our inspection process, we used the day to do a video shoot for our commercial in Krikorian Theater. Thanks to all the youth from our church, Azure Hills Church (Grand Terrace) who came in as "active models" for the video shoot.

Showing us how the Eye Toy is done.

Since there's not as much noticable movement on the Powergrid, the models were asked to exagerrate their movements a bit for the camera.

Our first time to really utilize the Sport Wall with a bunch of kids. Using the bean bags, this proved to be a very fun and competitive game using almost all the kids of varying size and age. They had a blast with it!

After playing so hard for the camera, the volunteer models were all treated to a smoothie! Here they are waiting eagerly for their smoothie.

Our staff working hard to make the smoothies for all the volunteers.

While drinking their smoothies, they could watch 3 different Direct TV stations on our 40-inch TVs hanging near our Cool Zone.

At the front, you can see a featured game being played by Summer and Josh on the Eye Toy.

While all this was going on, COO Joel was busy signing up yet another member! Working Joel, working hard.

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