Thursday, August 24, 2006

More new things in the Cool Zone!

8-24-06 The changes keep coming to the Cool Zone...check it out!

The new fridge arrived so Joel and Casey are setting it up.

Katie enjoys a nice cool drink from the new fridge. Great prices, too! And all healthy stuff, of course!!!

We were honored to have a living Legend visit the Zone, all the way from Bangkok, Thailand. This is Dr. Nithat Sirichotaratana, the leading smoking cessation expert and preventive care specialist in the Far East. He has worked with the Prime Minister and other high government officials, and has also worked with celebrity and other famous people in Thailand. Hence his name, "Legend". Besides working at the renowned Bangkok Adventist Hospital and running their live-in wellness resort, he is very interested in opening up a fitness center which will include a XRtainment Zone. He's been inviting me to come visit there...maybe this will be the impetus to do so! Here he is, sitting at one of our new tables in the Cool Zone.

The Cool Zone is THE place to sip a smoothie, read a book, pay your bills online with our wi-fi (or at our Internet station), watch one of the three 40-inch TVs (with Direct TV), or just hang out with friends. The Cool Zone is open to the general public like those waiting for their kids at Sylvan or waiting for the laundry next door.

Good friend Maria Cruz brought her kids over to check out the place, and it looks like mom is doing the playing! She did great on the Makoto...maybe she'll have to enter one of our XRGames competition in the Makoto.

Maria and the kids enjoyed it so much that she signed 2 of them up! I'm sure the 3rd will start coming over to play, too. (Right Danny?!) Parents of members get a special day pass--only $8! (vs $15 for a day pass).

While Maria & family and Dr. Sirichotaratana were there, in comes Dr. Steve Wilson, of "In Your Best Interest", a clinic located in Redlands. He is a bariatrician (weight loss expert) so he quickly grasped the value of the Zone. After giving him the tour, he went back home, picked up his two kids and mother-in-law, and while they were busy playing, he signed them both up! He also picked up our Rx pads and said he had patients he could refer who need this kind of service. Thanks for your support, Dr. Wilson!

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Maria L. Cruz said...

Guess what Ernie, after Danny was done playing he beg to join too. He realize how important it was to make time from his busy schedule to have some fun and stay healthy. And, mom also came back the next day, sore and all from playing, and signed up to get more great work outs. So, you will be seeing a lot of the Cruz gang playing and getting in shape without knowing it, cause it is so much fun to play than to exercise. hehe