Friday, August 18, 2006

Kitchen getting installed

8-18-06 Now that we are open, we are able to focus on the kitchen in the multipurpose room. This room will be used for multiple purposes (hence it's name, multipurpose room). Besides classes that will appeal to the non-gamer such as yoga (which will help me kick the top pads on the 3kick), pilates (which will help me on the powergrid and bouldering wall), and self-defense (help me when we're closing up late at night), we will be holding our nutrition, cooking demonstrations, and wellness classes such as our Family Fit Zone class (read more about these classes on our website). This will be where we'll also hold our free MPower Zone classes for the community.

Here the "Boyz of XRTZ" Cam, Josh, Jake, and Javan, pose as they kitchen begins to take shape.

Here again, the BOXRTZ pose in front of the new blinds so that the yoga classes will have some privacy.

Out front, some potted plants in water-filled containers (they weigh over 300 lbs!) adorn the front entrance of the Zone. In the glass, you can see the new blinds that were just installed.

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