Sunday, August 20, 2006

Visit from Dr. Nutripoints!

8-20-06 Today (Sun) was quite busy, not only because it was my (Ernie) first time to work at opening till closing and learning how to do the front desk stuff (thx to Alicia and GM Kim for tutoring me!), but we had a steady influx of people coming in throughout the day.

Besides all of our day users, charter members, a visiting pediatrician (Dr. Ponce), and some VIPs (The Handyside family), Dr. Roy Vartabedian and his family (Dr. Renee and 5 y/o son, Alex) visited us all the way from Carlsbad. Dr. Vartabedian is the creater of the top nutrition program, Nutripoints. This is a book we use both at Beaver Medical Group and at the Zone. It not only helps you to portion control, but gives you one number that rates a particular food, so you can know what the nutritional value is for the calorie buck.

Drs. Roy and Renee watch as son Alex gives them a lesson on how to do the 3Kick.

Renee, who is into ballroom dancing, gives DDR a try. She caught on very quickly!

Dr. Nutripoints himself gives Makoto a try while son Alex watches him.

One of our most consistent charter members, Samuel, does battle on the DDR with Jake. Can you guess who won?

Speaking of charter members, be sure to tell your friends that the window to be a charter member will close Sept. 1, so if they want to get those benefits, sign up today!

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