Wednesday, August 02, 2006

DDR has it's 60-inchers...and opening date?

8-1-06 Check out one of our 60-inch TVs for our DDR Zone! Here COO Joel and Corey test out the DDR.

But there's even bigger news! We passed the fire marshall's check today, and now all we have left is a follow-up visit from the health dept. and the building inspector. If we pass those 2 f/u inspections tomorrow (Thur)., we'll have our occupancy permit and can officially open! It could be Friday, it could be Monday. Stay tuned!!!


The Centilla's said...

That's great, we'll be praying all goes well, we had a blast at the 'sneak peak'!

Jan and George said...

Been following your progress and we are so thrilled for you! Hope you post pictures of your opening!
Warm (but not too warm!) thoughts and blessings from Indiana! :>)