Sunday, July 30, 2006

Charter members get sneak peek!

7-30-06 In a "dry run" of the facility and operations, charter members, investors, and a select few "in-the-know" attended a tour of the facilities. The weeks leading up to this time was busy with preperations, right up to the start of the tour. Check out the hubbub of activity!

Mike Sabangan donates his Sat. PM to help us get ready. Salamat Mike!

Corey works on putting up the letters (again!).

Mike and Corey work on attaching the sneeze guard, per the Health Dept.

Sunday lunch...the Jr. staff fuel up for the rush.

The staff eat and relax as well.

COO Joel gives last minute instructions.

The Jr. Staff are ready to go and help with the games!

The first family, the Reals, show up just before 4:00 PM start time.

The bouldering wall was a big hit, as expected.

The Toddler Zone was well-attended and busy! The young ones had a blast in there.


The Sportwall saw a lot of action with both teens and younger kids.

Katie whips up a batch of smoothies. They were going like hot cakes

Jr. staff Cassie serves smoothies to thirsty folks!

Pastor Carmen crashes her car again!

Keilana takes a turn at the Makoto.

The 3kick and Makoto are side-by side, ready to test anyone who comes near.

Once they got the hang of it, the Powergrids were always in use.

This is a family wellness center, where kids and even their grandparents can play these games.

They're double-teaming on Jackie Chan boxing.

Even the dads got into the Jackie Chan Boxing.

These 3 are linked together, laying "Tag" on ATV Fury 3 (PS2).

Now that's teamwork!

The Eye Toy Zone attracted a lot of "chefs" and "kung fu fighters".

Also using teamwork on the 3kick.

Good thing the 3kick is built solid!

He wants to do it on his own.

Of course, the grandaddy of all the video games is DDR. Soon are 60-inche TVs will be in each corner.

We raffled off some prizes. Here is Joel reading the winner's name.

The grandprize winner won an iPod shuffle! Congrats!

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