Monday, July 03, 2006

Atomik's awesome customer service!

7-2-06 We all are faced with poor customer service, so when a company goes beyond the call of duty, it really stands out. Atomik Climbing Holds, based out of Utah, is one such company. We were looking for special holds to add an "obstacle course" on our bouldering all, and after finding several on the Internet, decided to go with Atomik. Within the week, we received the special hula hoop and PVC pipe holders. I was impressed with their quick turnaround.

I had seen a noodle holder that cost $14 each (ouch!), but Atomik didn't sell that version, but when I asked them about it, they said that they would look into it, and sure enough within the week, they said they could make one! Not only that, they had a set of 6 of them to us the following week for only $4 each!!!

Can you believe that?! In just under 2 weeks, one lone customer (XRtZ) got a company to manufacture a brand new hold (even if we were only ordering such a small number), who then priced it $10 less than the competition, and delivered it to our door. Now that's listening and responding to your customer's needs!

So if you're looking for climbing holds for your wall, be sure to check out Atomik. You won't be disappointed! And tell them a happy customer, XRtainment Zone, sent ya.

Atomik,, 801-404-0280, 1478 North 150 East, Springville, Utah 84663.

Here are some pictures of some friends testing out the new obstacle course.

Natalie, Summer, and Jenny (being spotted by Victor) navigate through the obstacle course.

Through the hoops, under the pipe, knocking off the ball.... Mike hangs on as Natalie and Michelle race to catch up to him.

Gaby cruises through the last hoop under the shelf as she finishes up the obstacle course.

Jake navigates through a hoop while the others spot him.

Jenny hangs on for dear life, even though she's only inches from the floor.

Natalie's arm may look skinny, but she's all muscle as she cruises through the obstacle course in record time.

On behalf of the kids (and kids-at-heart), thanks Atomik!

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