Thursday, July 13, 2006

Employee #001

7-13-06 Here's a shot of one of our very first hires, Casey Kirkruff. A computer science major at UCR, I've known Casey since he was a probably 8 or 9 years old (he's in his early 20's, am I old!). His mom, Tammy, used to work with me in Health Education, which is how I got to know Casey.

Not only is he helping with the networking and the game set-up, he is also helping with other tasks as well, like putting together this locker for the staff room. He, along with Employee #2 and #3, Alicia and Katie (whom will have pictures of soon!), will be a BIG help to Joel while I (Ernie) and Kim are away on vacation in MI. (We know, the timing isn't ideal, but we had this planned last year and thought we would have already been open and humming along by now.)

We're confident that Joel and these first 3 employees will get things ready and learn all the new systems and games, so that when we come back in a little over a week from now, they will train us and we'll be ready to go for our Charter Member Open House and soft opening!

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