Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Flooring almost done!

7-12-06 Wow, what a difference a day makes! The flooring is just about done. Even though it's now dirty with dust and all, it is looking good! Also, the restrooms are just about done--I think the women's restroom needs a couple more sinks installed and that's it. Check out the floor work--Don Singh and crew are doing a great job!

This is where the Makoto and 3Kick will go, and the DDR zone nearer the window. The floor is just very dusty right now, and will look really sharp once it's cleaned up.

Notice the curve of the transition from the black to the red...nice! The red mat is where the Powergrid and Eye Toy zones are.

Here you can see the Powergrid zone on red...and the Eye Toy Zone with it's different colored wedges.

The main floor in the multipurpose room is done. It's a very nice wood-looking floor, giving the room a nice, warm, calming feel with the dark green walls. With some bamboo decorations, it will really be nice. Can't wait to start my first yoga class in there!

They started planning and cutting out the flooring for the bouldering wall. It's an interesting cushy floor, firm when you just stand on it, but jump on it or land on it hard, and the honeycomb design compresses nicely! You can see the honeycomb design in the 2nd picture.

The stalls and dividers are up in the men's restroom. Now all that is needed are the soap and paper towel dispensors.

The women's restroom stalls are now up. They just need a bit more work and they'll be ready to go, too!

The server room is now much neater with the telephone, computer, and wi-fi equipment all oranized and in working order.

COO Joel does it all..."Hello, XRtainment Zone. How may I help you?"

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