Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Flooring going down

7-11-06 A major step towards opening--the construction equipment is out of there and the flooring is going down! That means we will be setting up the games very soon! Also, the restrooms are nearing completion.

The stalls for the restrooms are being installed and soon, they'll be ready for use.

The "Toddler Zone" is now carpeted and ready for the toys and things for them to play with. The top of the wall is all that is left to put on.

The rubber flooring is now being laid down. There will actually be different colors differentiating the various "zones". This is the area where the Makoto and 3kick will be.

The floor in the multipurpose room is a specialized gym floor that looks like wood flooring, but has a "cushy" feel, since we'll be doing yoga and other group exercise classes in here, besides our nutrition and Family Fit Zone classes.

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