Friday, July 07, 2006

End of week update

July 7, 2006: Few more things getting finished this week, mainly the restrooms, flooring, and ceiling stuff. And more TVs are going up on the walls. The security system is now in as well. Will July be the month we open? We shooting for that!

The hallway leading to the restrooms are now fully lighted with the addition of the wall lighting. Can't tell in this picture, but very high-tech looking with the aluminum grating covers. The doors were added to the offices and the staff break room and bathroom is being finished.

The guy's restroom have their counter and sinks in now, while the gal's are getting finished. Then all that's left will be the stall dividers and we're done in there!

The last of the sound tubes (the clear bowls) have been installed. These are for the DDR zone. The two smaller ones are for the players while the one big one will be over the practice dance pads.

The TVs for the Powergrid Kilowatt zone are all installed now, waiting for the PS2s and the Powergrids to be set up in front of them.

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