Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gearing up for Open House

7-26-06 Things are really getting close to our first official event: an open house for our charter members to come check things out before the rest of the public! Having just returned from vacation, things have really changed in the week that we've been gone. Check it out!

Let me introduce employees #2 & #3, Alicia (dark hair) and newlywed Katie. They've been a great help to COO Joel while I and GM Dr. Knowlton have been on vacation the past week. They've been busy working on smoothie recipes, learning the membership software, etc. Great to have them on board! (I forgot to get a pix of employee #4, Austin, which I'll get tomorrow.)

Here GM Dr. Knowlton practices making a smoothie. She's finally gotten the fruit recipe down so that with a special ingredient, it gives it the consistency of a smooth shake! (All healthy ingredients, of course!)

The completed Eye Toy Arena. Don Singh and Co. did a great job matching the rubber flooring with the painted walls behind each segment.

Jake Knowlton demonstrates the Eye Toy for our insurance agent, Denise Flory (Sawyer, Cook & Co.).

Our newest member who just signed up today raises his hands in victory while testing out the Eye Toy.

Part of our Gamebike setup where we have 2 recumbents and 2 upright gamebikes. I tried out the recumbent for the first time on some car racing game and it was a blast!

Three-year-old Javan Knowlton tries out the gamebike. Not bad after having just traveled 36 hours from MI in a minivan!

The Makoto and 3kick are now up and running. Jake and Josh Knowlton give them a test run. They are definitely kid-tough!

A closer look at Jake testing out the Makoto. If you've seen the movie, Paycheck, you've seen this machine being used by Ben Afleck in the beginning of the movie.

The Powergrid Kilowatts are all ready to go!

Josh Knowlton does very well testing one of the flying games on the Powergrid.

COO Joel adjusts one of the rubber pads on the Sportwall Zone.

If you're in the area, feel free to stop on by and check it out. If you want to be a part of the special invitation-only Open House this coming Sunday evening, join us as a charter member before then!

And while you're at it, keep an eye out for the next US News and World Report, where you'll read about an article about videogames and healthcare...and you might read something familiar. ;-)

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